• Based in Dublin & Newry led by an experienced management team with broad experience in product development, wireless and web communications, licensing, entertainment and media. The promoters have been collaborating since 2010 and have carried out extensive technical and market research, business planning, building relationships with suppliers, content providers and third party technology partners.


  • Digital Jet's pioneering " DJ Media Stream" service is an innovative and technologically accomplished platform, enabling users to engage with and utilize numerous forms of digital media content like never before. The features of this service allow users a high level of engagement with content and the broader community. These intelligent structures are designed to create an entertaining and engagaing customer experience while providing a feedback loop that allows us and our partners to respond to the needs of our customers in a more relevant and personalised away.


  • Our aim is to provide users with a rich digital entertainment experience regardless of location. Including areas that would traditionally have limited or no connectivity, such as; marine, aviation and transport networks. A gate to gate experience for the connected customer!



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